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2006-2009 & 2016 Terlingua Custom Fit Car Cover in yellow or black w/ Free Storage Bag
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Specially made for the Neale family under a licensing agreement with Designer Auto Accessories, this Satin Stretch, breathable cover is a material that contours to the shape of your vehicle like a glove and has the memory to retain its original shape.  Satin Stretch has a satin like yet tough exterior and a fleece soft interior.  This material is absolutely not going to scratch your collectible vehicles finish and will protect it from dust, dirt, droppings and fall out.

Satin Stretch is an indoor Custom Car Cover fabric. Satin Stretch is the SOFTEST fabric available, and has Lycra yarns to hug every contour of a vehicle. Blind stitching results in invisible seams and the color combinations truly do replicate the cars exterior color combinations and look – This is one high end sexy car cover!  This cover lets everyone know what a unique automobile resides beneath.

As an added option, you can have your Terlingua TRT number (or VIN) embroidered into a tag, which attached to the driver’s side A-pillar.

This item ships by itself within 2-6 weeks direct from the manufacturer.

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floor mats
Terlingua Racing Team Floor Mats $220

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TRT hood struts 05-14HD0514FD-15 terlingua hood struts

Terlingua Racing Team Hood Struts $90 Installation Available
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Terlingua Racing Team Windshield Banner-Available for Mustangs $49 Installation Available These high quality Terlingua windshield banners are provided under an exclusive licensing agreement with the Neale family. Enhance your TRT Mustang or start to develop your own TRT Mustang. Adding this banner is a very cool item for your Mustang.

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Terlingua Racing Team Magnet Door Signs: Plain original design, comes with 3 magnets for the price of $30 
Magnet 2ft wide X 1ft tall; TRT name 15in wide X 2.5in tall; Rabbit 9in wide x7 in tall

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IMG_4052IMG_4044Terlingua Racing Team Magnet Door Sign: Choose any number for your own customized magnets and send a request email with your number to us to receive magnets for the price of $50Magnet 2ft wide X 1ft tall; TRT name 15in wide X 2.5in tall; Rabbit 9in wide X 7in tall; Personal Number 5.5in wide X 7in tall

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