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The Stable is located at 511 West Holland Avenue in Alpine, Texas. Alpine is the Hub of the Big Bend Region of West Texas and the Gateway to Big Bend National Park and Brewster County.
Home to several world class automobiles including Shelby Ford Mustangs and an occasional Dodge Viper, the showroom is located just 80 miles north of Terlingua, Texas, which is situated in the South Brewster County within sight of the Rio Grande. For many years, Terlingua was only known as a deserted mercury mining town. But for Carroll Shelby enthusiasts, the name, the place and its free spirited reputation have pretty much been the stuff of automotive legend. Terlingua started in the early 1960’s as a place for Shelby and a few racing friends to meet, unwind and hold chili cook-offs in the desert isolation of West Texas. But soon it became larger than life, much like the man himself.
Owner, Dave Durant, enjoys high-performance automobiles of all makes and models. The current showroom of over 3,000 square feet provides a place for other enthusiasts to store their cars, and for visitors and residents alike to see these beautiful and world-class vehicles in person. The Stable Performance Cars is not a museum, but instead is a place where cars are appreciated and driven. We enjoy driving performance cars. The cars are all registered and driven on the roadways of the Big Bend.
Besides climate-controlled storage, the business also offers several other services, including battery maintenance, in-house washing and auto detailing, commercial grade car waxing, ceramic coatings, AMSOIL oil changes, VP Racing Fuels, just to name a few.
The Stable hosts the annual Big Bend Octane Fest in Alpine for participants to fully experience car culture in the Big Bend.
Located in the downtown area of Alpine, The Stable serves as a magnet for car clubs and organizations related to the hobby. These groups are drawn to the mountains of West Texas for the enjoyment of driving on our scenic roadways. The Stable now serves as a gathering place for these enthusiasts and their cars.