Automotive Detailing & Services

XPEL Paint Protection

Certified in XPEL services, The Stable now offers fine paint protection film to maintain and enhance the beauty of your car.

Our on-site XPEL booth

Window Tinting Services

The Stable Performance Cars offers a complete range of window tinting. Give us a call at 432-837-9789 for pricing.

AMSOIL Oil Changing Services

The Stable offers oil changes using AMSOIL. Call 432-837-9789 to set up an appointment today.

Electric Car Charging Station

Available now: 50 AMP PLUGS are located outside The Stable building.

Traditionally used for RV’s, but also available to charge electric Tesla cars.

Call 432-837-9789 or stop by The Stable to check out for more information!

Automotive Detailing

This service includes an eco-friendly waterless wash, clay bar detailing to remove any stubborn surface contamination, three levels of polishing as needed and application of an paste wax for the deepest achievable shine. The Stable uses only the highest-quality products from Adam’s Polishes.

Learn more about why you should detail.