Why Should You Detail?

Detailing your vehicle maintains and improves the beauty of your vehicle, and it should be regularly detailed every 6 months.

The service includes an eco-friendly waterless wash, clay bar detailing to remove any stubborn surface contamination, three levels of polishing as needed and application of an paste wax for the deepest achievable shine. All of our detailing products are highest-quality Adam’s Polishes.

Paint Health

Waxing and polishing the paint on a vehicle will extend the life of the paint and protect it from the heat of the Big Bend.


To ensure visibility, we clean dirt, grime, and bugs from the headlights and taillights and all windows.


To reduce bad odors, protect from fading and discoloration, prevent cracking and stains, regularly cleaning the interior of your car sustains cleanliness and value. Interior maintenance improves worth and comfort for the driver.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires need to be protected from oils, chemicals, and impediments of the road. Detailing your wheels and tires not only provides a shine but can also reduce dangerous risks of corroding cracks in the tires.